Finding Healthier Alternatives

In 2018 I, like I’m sure many other set the goal to eat healthier. I decided I would stick to this and created my 23 day challenge. I decided to make it achievable, I would find some healthy replacements for some of my favourite foods and snacks! My goals was

23 Day Challenge

Towards the end of December I, like many others, sat looking for motivation for my New Year’s resolutions. Amid scrolling through motivational quotes, ‘easy workouts’, healthy food and yoga inspiration, I came across an article on breaking bad habits. Sitting down to read it I thought, here we go another

New Year, Improved Me

Setting new goals is easy but breaking habits is a challenge. Have you stuck to your new year's resolutions? Was it no more chocolate? Dry January? Exercise more? Whatever yours was have you stuck to it? When it came to planning my New Year’s resolutions I looked back on ones

7 Things You Need to Expect When Cycle Commuting

Man cycling

Cycle commuting is awesome, however, unfortunately for us cyclists this world isn't perfect. Through my experience of cycle commuting, I've come up with a list of seven things that you will encounter at some point whilst commuting by bike. Don't let these things get you down just learn to expect

Why You Should Cycle To Work

Woman cycling to work

A few months back I sold my car and decided to opt for a different approach of commuting to work, cycling. I hadn't been on a bike in years and my fitness levels were relatively low but hey, I thought it would be an adventure. In my case, my commute