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5 Skills That Will Make You Stand Out Among Other Applicants

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Resume Writing and applying for jobs is a part-time job itself. However, there are 5 skills that will make you stand out among other applicants. Even more, these 5 skills require no education or expertise. The main problem is that many applicants miss out due to their focus on the specifications the job requires. Yet, companies mainly pay attention to these simple skills before moving forward to other specifications because it’s much more important to stand out as a candidate for the job.

Let’s look at these 5 skills that will make you stand out among other applicants and understand how to improve.

  1. Be on Time

Being on time for a meeting sounds so normal, doesn’t it? However, it’s actually one of the most important skills that you can have. In the major cities, people believe that it’s okay to run late for 10-15 minutes due to traffic. However, it is not OK even it’s few minutes. You should always be on time. Yet, you should be there early to prove your enthusiasm.

If you’re new in a workplace, it’s advised that you should be the first person at work and the last person to leave the work. This will create an opportunity for you to catch up with your colleagues and provide the opportunity to make difference.

  1. Time Management

Our school systems are overwhelming for the students especially if you’re trying to maintain your social life. When finals start and papers due close to the end of a semester, students are likely to lose time management. Even though our education system tries to teach time-management skills, most students end up mastering their procrastinating skills. This is why most students getting into business right after college fail to reach success in time management.

If you have well maintained time-management skills, you already have an advantage over 75% of applicants. So, be proud of your time management and show that on your resume with pride.

  1. Maintain a Good Attitude

Being nice is an important value. Of course, having trust in your skillset and ability to implement them. However, it’s important not to confuse your trust with arrogance. It’s hard to show your good attitude on your resume, but it’s crucial to show it during your interview. Because your interview is your first impression which determines your future in the company. Most interviewers will feel the need for building a trustworthy connection with a candidate in order to consider your application thoroughly. At this point, it’s very crucial for you to have a good attitude towards this job position.

  1. Show Enthusiasm for the Job Position

It’s no secret that companies are looking for candidates who have enthusiasm for the company and job. Your cover letter is the first place where you can show your enthusiasm towards both the job and company. This is why it’s critical to create a brand-new cover letter for each job position you are applying. The next place you will show enthusiasm is the interview. So, make sure you are well-prepared for your interview with all the information you can gather before showing up.

  1. Be Respectful

Respect is the most essential key in a workplace. Whether you are just an intern or a manager, you must keep your respect. Especially men being dominant in the workforce leads to various situations concerning sexual harassment. Although most of the time, men don’t think their actions are considered as sexual harassment, it does. Maintaining respect is the only way of avoiding any troubles in the workforce. This skillset will help you become an important member of your team.

All these skills will help you stand out among other applicants. As it’s stated earlier in the article, applying for a job is a part-time job. You must present all your skills if you’re dedicated to making a difference. Remember, there are many other applicants you’re competing, so every extra point will work in your favor.

BONUS: Maintain a blog. Blogging is very important value for one to show their skillsets. Primarily, maintaining a blog will show that you have skills including writing, critical thinking, and time management. If you have a well-maintained blog, you should definitely include that in your application as your portfolio. Be proud of what you do!

Beslenay Ben

Founder and Owner of PlatoPost News

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