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Important Qualities of a Powerful Leader

Being a powerful leader in this day and age means being able to stand up for your belief, see wrong in actions and create positive change. Gaining the trust of your colleagues is beneficial along with recognising their skills and weakness. Here are 5 qualities of a powerful leader.

Be Honest

A powerful leader not only speaks for themselves but for those who they represent. Standing up for your beliefs is key to being a strong leader. Being dishonest and false sets you up for failure and reflects badly on you. The truth will always catch up with a lie. Being honest with yourself and co-workers allows more people to trust you and you not only build your confidence but theirs too. Honesty attracts people of integrity and people who will help you in times of weakness.

Positive Energy

If you exude confidence and positivity people will look up to you. Learn to influence people with your words and actions. Let your positive work ethic shine through and remain committed to everything you do. It never hurts to smile. Smiling can lift the mood in anyone’s day and is a simple way of generating positivity within the workplace. Use your own energy to get your co-workers involved, on board and excited! Keep challenging yourself and setting goals to boost positivity.

Be Open-minded

Knowledge is infinite and listening to those around you is important. No leader can afford to be a loner. Without the support of those who you work with you will not achieve your full potential. While being confident in yourself and your own abilities, you must listen to other, understand their strengths and combine their skills with yours. Learn from those around you, share experience to better yourself.

Body Language

Body language is key standing tall, smiling and looking smart are all qualities of a powerful leader. You will be respected if you show respect to those around you. Show you take pride in your appearance and are proud to work with your colleagues. Making eye contact also shows you are focused, driven and trustworthy. Be as personable as possible, whether through gestures, or knowing polite small talk. Ensure you are approachable and smart.


Communicating clear is a strong quality of a powerful leader. If you are clear in what you want and have asked for you will get the best results from your team. Knowing and admitting when you are wrong gains you more respect if it is clearly communicated. Learn the time and place for wittiness and sarcasm. Practicing in front of a mirror, whether smiling or speaking is a good way to learn how you come across to people.

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