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How to Make a Great First Impression

7-10 seconds. That’s all it takes for an impression to be formed. A glance, a few exchanged words at a business meeting, event or social an opinions have been formed. First impressions are often based on appearance, mannerisms and body language. Whether you are a job seeker, businessman, entrepreneur or even student, it is essential that you learn how to make first impressions, lasting impressions.


Be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Remove any feeling of stress and relax. No one can be a better you than you. Own your individuality and allow your naturally personality to shine. Remain honest and open. Letting people discover who you are leaves an impression being natural and normal makes you easy to talk to and far more approachable than if you’re closed off and unresponsive. Speaking calmly and clearly makes you appear friendly and welcoming to all.


Body language speaks as loud as words. Standing tall rather than hunched over, making eye contact and a firm handshake all radiate positivity and confidence that people will pick up on when meeting you. Slouching can happen naturally to anyone after a period of time so stay alert and aware to how you are sitting or standing is key. Sitting tall shows you are engaged and interested in the conversation.


Being calm, collected and courteous at all times is essential. Not rising to challenges or heated debates shows maturity. Do not raise your voice and avoid insulting the other party, ‘as soon as you raise your voice you have lost the argument’. Being positive and friendly is what leaves an impression, asking inviting questions and communicating well means people will remember you and how you made them feel.


Judging by appearance happens all too often in this day and age. Assumption are frequently based on what you wear and the way you look. Physical appearance matters. It is the first insight people have as to who you are before you even open your mouth. Dress for the occasion make sure you are groomed and fresh. Not only will this make you feel better but it will improve people’s first impression of you if you take pride in your appearance. People react positively to positive people. Smile. It shows confidence and warmth putting you and the person you are with at ease.


Be on time rather than in time. Don’t be late. Ensure you are on time, plan ahead for factors that will cause you delays. Being on time shows that you are dependable and punctual. It takes a great deal of stress of yourself and allows you to be calm and not feel rushed in any way. Get to your event knowing you are prepared, ready and calm. Relax yourself so you can leave that lasting impression.

Always put your best foot forward. Be positive and be yourself.