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Why You Should Always Dress to Impress

Although we are often told to ‘never judge a book by its cover’ it’s something very easily and often done. The cover is what attracts us. This is the same for our appearance, what we wear and the way we appear has a huge impact in the way we come across and the impression that we give. I’m in no way saying that you must look your best at all times. However dressing appropriately and well is not only beneficial to an employer but also to yourself. Taking pride in the way you look has its benefits.


If you are particularly self-conscious, shy or afraid to be bold, dressing well can build your confidence. It can show elements of your personality and benefit the way you interact with employers, fellow employees and the general population. Research shows that you are taken more seriously if you are ‘Dressed for Success’ i.e – tailored suit, smart dress and neat shoes.


Dressing well helps you. It builds self-confidence as you feel the way you dress. Being in comfortable and formal work attire makes you come across confident, competent and authoritative. It makes it easier for other people to connect with you if you look and feel positive and confident. Dressing smartly not only boots confidence but it allows you to focus more. Rather than working in super comfy loungewear work attire allows your mind to focus solely on work and achieving your day’s goals and stops frequent distractions.


Looking smart and together can make you feel that way too. If you are particularly shy or under confident, dressing to impress improves your mind. Tricking yourself into feeling more confident is easier than you may think and the way you dress is one of the easiest. Take pride in the way you look and dress and allow the time to achieve this. Buy work attire and accessories that you feel comfortable in and represent you. When you are feeling good on the outside you will feel better on the inside too.


If you take pride in your appearance, people will notice. Dressing well will get you noticed. Whether it’s by employers or people around the workplace dressing well will automatically impact people’s opinion of you. People will think positively about you and their opinions will be raised by the way you dress as if you are dressing smartly its shows self-respect.


I personally love buying new work-wear. Maybe it’s because I loved dressing up as a child who knows! Make dressing for success fun! Find new styles, colours and trends that suit you and make you feel positive. Experiment with different outfits and gauge the reactions to each. Find your style and take pride in what you wear to work. Dressing well gives you the competitive edge not only in job interviews but in general sales and business details. Leaving a lasting impression and dress smart ready to achieve your goals.