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Tips on Managing a Business Whilst at University: Interview With Founder of Kit Keeper

University is a great place to get a business off the ground and onto its feet. Michael McCreadie, the founder of the award-winning student storage company, Kit Keeper, certainly found this to be true. We recently caught up with him to see how he manages to run a business alongside his studies at the University of York.

What was the idea behind Kit Keeper?

The idea for Kit Keeper came from my own experiences trying to use self-storage; all the company’s available were overpriced and offered a poor standard of service. There was no efficiency or consistency in prices, and they made you pay for extras like collection/delivery. So I figured I’d make a modernised, all-inclusive service; I designed it the way I wanted a service to be, with zero hassle!

How do you manage to fit running a business around your university degree?

It’s time-consuming but not impossible. I’d say the biggest help is planning my day beforehand, so I know what I’m working on and when.

Which tools do you use to help maintain a high level of productivity?

For me personally to organise my day I’ll just use the calendar app on my phone because all my university commitments are already downloaded onto there. For tasks where other people are involved, I use ‘Trello’, which is an online interactive notice board. You organise tasks (‘cards’) into lists, which for example I separate into high – low importance and then a ‘done’ list for completed tasks. It was really useful whilst working with the designers on making the website.

Do you have any items in your routine that helps you to focus?

Making time for exercise definitely helps concentration, I try to fit an hour of running either in the morning or the evening. I’d also say allocate time for relaxing; it’s far more beneficial to focus intensely on one task and then relax, rather than spending longer on the task doing it half-heartedly.

What’s the hardest thing about managing a business whilst studying?

The hardest thing about having a business and being at university is the social side, I can definitely not recommend going on a night out if you have an 08:00 meeting the next day (possibly speaking from experience).

Any advice you’d give anyone else on how to fit more into their day?

Coffee… lots of coffee

So there you have it! It is more than achievable to start a successful business whilst at university, ensure you’re managing your time effectively and both your studies and your business can succeed.


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