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5 Ways to Make Every Day More Productive

We have all had days where we need to get things done but for some reason we can’t focus and are not as productive. Here are 5 things you can do in order to get the most from your day.


The best way to ensure a productive day is to get enough sleep the night before. Getting an early night and being able to wake up and start the day feeling rested and energised is key. If you have trouble sleeping give yourself that extra bit of time the night before to get ready slowly for bed so you feel relaxed. Remaining hydrated through the night is also important. Drinking a glass of water before bed and first thing in the morning is a great way to end and start the day. It not only benefits your skin but refreshes you in the best way.


You must eat the right foods to fuel your day. Steer clear of junkie snack foods and eat foods which slowly release energy to keep you sustained through the day. Having healthy and hearty meals is good for you on a day when you need to get things done. Prepare the day before by planning the food you are going to eat. To save time you could even cook your food the day before so it’s all ready for when you need to eat it.


Removing distractions ensures that you will get the most out of your day. Stay focused on the tasks you need to complete. If you struggle with this in particular, create a check list and make sure you complete everything you set out to do. If you are particularly distracted by certain things put them in a different room and set up times for breaks. Having a good balance between your work and the breaks you set is crucial to your productivity.


It may surprise you but rest is also key to a productive day. Resting your mind allows you to feel recharged when you go back to work from your break. Trying yoga, going for a walk or listening to music is a good way to rest and relax. Even doing simple stretches in your particular workspace is a good way to clear the mind and relax the body. Taking focus away from what you are doing allows you to come back feeling fresh and with a new perspective.


Set time in your day to do things you enjoy. Working hard is important but learn to balance work and pleasure. See friends, watch a film, exercise or talking to family are always a nice thing to do after a hard day. Even if you haven’t completed your set tasks for the day, forget about them in this time. Relax and enjoy yourself so you can go back to your work feeling positive and happy.

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