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New Year, Improved Me

Setting new goals is easy but breaking habits is a challenge.

Have you stuck to your new year’s resolutions? Was it no more chocolate? Dry January? Exercise more? Whatever yours was have you stuck to it?

When it came to planning my New Year’s resolutions I looked back on ones from previous years and realised that they were all the same and more importantly, I’d never stuck to them.

Well here we are in 2018 and I thought rather than ‘New Year, New me’, I would make it ‘New Year, improved me’. I decided to set achievable goals that would build me as a person to make me confident and happy.

So, as of 2018 I decided rather than give things up, I would try doing new things outside of my comfort zone to increase my confidence and positivity. I have realised that making some small changes in my life other aspects have also improved.

It takes 23 days to break a bad habit, but also 23 days to create one. One way I wanted to achieve more positivity in my life was to become healthier. I believe in everything in moderation and didn’t expect a drastic change overnight. I started small setting achievable goals, making sure that my food shops were healthier and drinking more water. I re-started my gym membership and began pushing myself to work harder. Trying new exercises not only made me feel stronger but more confident too.

I have always been one for sleeping late. For some reason, my body clock would tell me that 2am was bedtime and no earlier. However, I was determined to put a stop to this. By trying to fill my day more; starting the gym early morning, getting all work done and eating at set meal times I have been able to get to sleep between 9/9:30pm and be fully rested for an early morning wake up! Although its only been a month I feel proud to have achieved this especially as I am not a morning person! But if I can do it so can you!

I’ve found that setting goals either in the morning or the night before has massively helped me. I have become far more efficient and focused in the way I work and approach tasks. There’s a sense of achievement in being able to tick off what you have achieved in the day.

Rest. I have discovered how important it is to rest, have time to yourself and clear your mind. Whether you just sit quietly with calm music for 10 minutes or stretch through a yoga app. The benefits of letting your mind rest for 10 minutes a day are huge.

You must be the change you want to see. So, if your resolutions have been slipping, don’t wait till next year! Write a list of things you want to achieve. Be realistic in setting your goals and don’t forget, it takes 23 days to set a new habit. You can do it!

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