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Why You Should Cycle To Work

Woman cycling to work

A few months back I sold my car and decided to opt for a different approach of commuting to work, cycling. I hadn’t been on a bike in years and my fitness levels were relatively low but hey, I thought it would be an adventure. In my case, my commute was around 10 miles and some mornings it would take me more than 45 minutes when I took the car. The majority of the cycling route I would take would be half country lanes, half city based. I believe it is extremely important to make the most out of your commute and I figured I could cycle it in under 45 minutes, save some money and increase my fitness at the same time. So, from my experience of cycle commuting, here are some of the reasons why you should start cycling to work.


Depending on the length and the nature of your commute, travelling by bike can be much faster than commuting by car or public transport. You have got to consider other factors at either end of your journey such as getting ready or having a shower once you get to work however I guess it’s no different from waiting for the bus and then having to walk from the bus stop to work.

Gym on wheels

Fitness is an extremely important factor to living a happy and productive life. Most people will set aside time before or after work to focus on their fitness and part if not all of this will normally include some sort of cardio. Why not just cycle to work and increase your fitness on your commute? This way you’ll free up the time you normally dedicate to fitness, leaving you free to do other things. You can use this handy calculator to see how many calories you burn when cycling.

Increased Productivity at Work

Cycling greatly increases your productivity at work. A Swedish report showed that workers who were fit made 27% fewer errors on tasks involving concentration and short-term memory. A separate also study showed that physically fit employees showed a 4 to 15% increase in general productivity. From experience, I know that I can concentrate on tasks and work more efficiently after I’ve cycled to work.

Save some pennies

Bus fares, petrol, train tickets, parking. The way you currently travel to work is probably costing you a fair bit if you add it all up over time. Yes, if you haven’t got a bike you will need to fork out for the initial investment, however once you have one the running costs are relatively low. You will need to replace parts every now and then such as tyres or spokes, however, that will cost peanuts compared to the running costs of a car.


Exercise greatly increases your overall happiness due to the fact that when you exercise, endorphins in your body are released (I won’t go into detail about this on this blog, however, you can read more about this here). Cycling back from work is also a great way to work off any stress from the day in the office. You also get a sense of heroic accomplishment, as you watch your colleagues get the comfy bus or the car as you brace the elements like some sort of wild animal. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, however, you do get a definite feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment cycling to and from work.

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