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How to Use The TopCashback Browser Notifier

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TopCashback is a great service you can use to earn cash back when you purchase items from thousands of online retailers. If you’re unsure how it works, check out our full article on How To Make Money Easily with TopCashback. Within that article, I briefly touched upon the use of the browser plugin you can use with this service. So let’s just go into a bit more depth about that browser plugin.

What is it?

The TopcashBack browser notifier is a little tool they developed in 2010, which alerts users if they can earn cashback on the website they are currently on. A little box will pop up at the top of your browser, informing you that you can earn cashback on this site, and also how much cashback you can potentially earn. Also, another cool little feature of this plugin is the hints when you do a search on a search engine. If you can earn cashback on one of the websites listed in the search results, the TopCashback browser notifier will alert you which site it is, and how much cashback you can earn.


One key point to be aware of is that just because the notifier has told alerted you to the fact that you can earn cash back from the retailer, it doesn’t mean you automatically will. You still need to visit the TopCashback website before you purchase anything to earn cashback. Lucky for you, they have made this nice and easy to do. When the notifier is activated, it will display a “Get Cashback Now” button, which links you directly to the merchants TopCashback page.

How To Install

All sound good? You can download the browser notifier as a plugin for Chrome, Safari and Firefox from the TopCashback website.

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