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10 Android Apps that Will Make You More Productive

Android phone displaying productivity app

No longer is a phones purpose to make voice calls. Phones now have more processing power than computers did not that long ago, which is why we use them for so many different things. Yes, occasionally we will make the odd phone call, however we use these devices much more for emailing, scrolling through social media, playing games and many other day to day tasks. Phones can be an indispensable productivity aid and personal assistant, and below I’ve put together a list of the top 10 productivity apps for android devices.


Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft’s office package is pretty much essential for any productive man’s desktop PC, but how many of you have it installed on your mobile? View and edit those documents and presentations on the go, no need to wait until you get into the office. You can also download the Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps separately, which replace the Microsoft office mobile app.


Google Calendar

I personally love Google calendar for many reasons, and it is great for planning your upcoming days, or even months. One feature I like about Google calendar, is that it provides a solution for many calendars, combined in one place. Think of it as a master calendar or parent calendar, with lots of little sub calendars integrated into it. As it is cloud based, you can access it from anywhere there is an internet connection, and from multiple devices; your laptop, desktop, smart phone and tablet. Google Calendar also integrates with Google’s Gmail service, allowing you to easily add events to your calendar that appear in an email.



Constantly switching between your computer and your phone to reply to texts, take calls and dismiss app notifications? With AirDroid,you can do it all from your computer. It allows you to receive notifications on your computer from your mobile device, as well as control your phone directly from your computer, meaning your focus can stay on your computer screen. This app is free, however you can upgrade to the premium version for $19.99/year.


Google Drive

Google drive is a great could storage solution, that allows you to access your work anywhere and any time. I tend to use multiple devices during the day; my tablet, android phone, desktop, laptop etc. It is great being able to access my files no matter what device I am on. Google accounts get a free 15GB of storage, which is enough for day to day basic usage, however if you’re going to be storing a lot of files, you’ll have to start looking at some of the paid options (100GB – $1.99/month).


Google Keep

Keep is a great app for taking notes developed by Google. As with most Google products, the app works with another Google service, in this case it’s drive. This allows users to store their notes and access from any device that is connected to the web. Not only does it allow you to save notes, you can also store voice memos, images and check-lists straight to your Google drive.



This app used to be known as “Read It Later”, and is an app used to manage reading lists of internet articles. Seen an article that looks interesting but haven’t got the time to read it right now? With pocket you can save articles to the cloud, so you can read them when it suits you. Pocket also removes some of the clutter from articles, and makes it easier to read for the user.



Evernote is an app designed for note taking, organizing and archiving. This app can help you remember pretty much everything, increase productivity and it also has a very powerful search feature which can help you to save time when trying to find that all important note.



This app connects a wide range of websites and web based services, so they work best for you. IFTTT is an acronym for If This Then That. It allows users to create chains or “recipes”, which are called based on changes to another website or internet service. One such recipe may state If you’re tagged in a Facebook photo, Then save this to Dropbox. It links a whole range of services from social media sites such as Twitter, to household appliances connected to the internet, such as lights or heating.



Swiftkey is a keyboard application that replaces the native keyboard on mobile phones. It is extremely easy to use, and uses a combination of artificial intelligence technologies to predict the next word the user may want to type in the sentence. In February 2016, Swiftkey was purchased by Microsoft for $250,000,000.


Link Bubble Browser

Slow mobile internet connection? Want to open that link but don’t want to wait for the page to load? Opening links from within apps can be a painfully slow experience, however link bubble is a browser to combat this issue. When you click on a link, link bubble will begin to load the page in the background, so you can carry on doing whatever it is that you were doing. Once the page has loaded, it will give you a little alert to inform you that the page has loaded, and is ready for viewing. Such a simple idea, but if this can save you a few seconds every time you open a link, this soon adds up.

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